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Getting to Antioch

Getting to Antioch College

Antioch College is located at One Morgan Place, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387. (If your GPS unit is more than a few years old, use 795 Livermore Street).

The most convenient airport to Yellow Springs is the Dayton International Airport, which is 25 miles away. The Columbus Airport is roughly 60 miles away.

1. Take exit 52A off Interstate 70 and head south on Route 68 toward Xenia and Yellow Springs. About seven miles down the road, you will enter Yellow Springs. Route 68 then becomes Xenia Avenue, the main street through Yellow Springs.

2. Proceed through downtown Yellow Springs and turn left at Center College St.

3. Center College St. will dead end at Livermore St. and you will see the College campus. Parking is available along Livermore and in other designated areas on campus.

Click here to view the campus map.

For Seniors

Is there a limit to the number of people I can invite to Commencement?
No! The more, the merrier! However, if the ceremony must be moved indoors due to inclement weather, some of your guests (any number beyond five) will need to view the ceremony from an “overflow” location in another campus building

Where can I get invitations to send to my family and friends?
Parents or guardians of graduating seniors will receive an official invitation to attend Commencement from the President’s Office. Graduating seniors will receive ten blank invitations free of charge to mail to other family and friends. Additional invitations are available for purchase in the campus bookstore located in the Olive Kettering Library.

Do my family and friends need tickets for anything?
Attending Commencement is free and tickets are only required if the ceremony is moved indoors. Graduating seniors will be provided five tickets each to distribute to friends and family in the event of inclement weather. The tickets will be included along with other items in a “Graduation Packet” distributed to seniors 2-4 weeks before Commencement. 

Can I walk with my class if I haven’t completed my requirements for graduation?
Generally, students are expected to have completed all degree requirements prior to the commencement ceremony and will graduate on the date of the ceremony. Students who have completed all degree requirements but have not cleared outstanding financial obligations to the College may participate in the commencement ceremony but will not receive their diplomas or transcripts until the outstanding financial obligations have been met. Students who have not completed all of the degree requirements will be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony under the following “walker” policy:

  • Written Walker Petitions are approved by the APRC and the faculty approves the list prior to graduation. The petition must present a detailed, realistic plan for completion of the degree, have the signatures of all faculty members involved in the plan and the student's academic advisor, and be submitted the Registrar before the end of the seventh week of Spring term. The Registrar and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs will make an initial determination on the petition and forward to the faculty any petitions deserving consideration;
  • The senior project must be credited by the time in Spring quarter that all grades for graduating seniors are due (as published in the Spring academic calendar);
  • The remaining work may consist of not more than four academic credits or one term of co-op with the associated Work Portfolio course;
  • The plan for completing the outstanding work demonstrates that the work will be finished during the Summer following the commencement ceremony in question, except in circumstances indicated below.

Students who have not completed all degree requirements and are approved to participate in the commencement ceremony are expected to complete all requirements during the Summer term following commencement. They will have a graduation date effective the Summer co-op ending date. However, in certain circumstances, these students can receive a graduation date effective the Fall co-op ending date. These circumstances include:

  • Students who need the Fall term as their final co-op term;
  • Students who must register for their remaining academic credits during Fall tem;
  • Students who cannot submit the appropriate crediting documents on a timely basis in order to graduate at the end or Summer term.

The Registrar will make the final determination of whether or not the students approved to participate in commencement prior to completing requirements have satisfied the graduation requirements.

Any student who will not be able to meet all the requirements for graduation as stated in this policy or the conditions for being a walker will not be considered for graduation until the following year.

Should I let someone know I’m not planning to walk at Commencement?
Please notify the Registrar’s Office today if you are not planning to participate in the Commencement ceremony. You may send an email request to with your current address to have your diploma mailed to you, or to request that the registrar notify you when the diplomas will be ready for pickup..  

Will I receive my actual diploma during Commencement?
Diplomas will not be issued at the ceremony. Since Commencement falls on the weekend immediately following finals week, faculty need time to grade final projects and issue narrative evaluations. This information is necessary to complete your transcript file. You can pick up your diploma from the Registrar’s Office beginning July 20 or have it mailed to you. Send an email to the Registrar at to let us know which you'd prefer.  

What should I wear for the ceremony?
With input from the graduating class, the Commencement Committee opted for class stoles in lieu of the traditional cap and gown. The stoles will be placed on graduates as they step forward to receive their diploma, along with any honor cords that have been earned. Clothing and shoes are required to be worn during the ceremony and it is recommended that seniors dress in business casual or more formal attire. Offensive T-shirts and other garments will not be permitted.

When and where do seniors line up for graduation?
Seniors should line up in the Herndon Gallery no later than 9:30 a.m. on the morning of Commencement.  

Will we have a rehearsal?
A Commencement rehearsal will be held Friday, June 19 at 2 p.m. Please assemble in the Herndon Gallery. The event is mandatory for those planning to walk in the ceremony.  

How far in advance will we be notified if Commencement is moved inside?
The decision to move Commencement inside will be made by 7:30 a.m. the morning of the ceremony. The rain location is the South Gym of the Wellness Center. Communication to students will be sent via email and the Zanager campus alert system after the call has been made. It is recommended that you distribute your five tickets once you have been notified. Family members without a ticket are invited to view the ceremony via a live stream inside the Foundry Theater or the Art and Science Building.  

How can I ensure my name is pronounced correctly at Commencement?
Please contact the Registrar’s Office to register any name changes or to clarify pronunciation or preferred pronouns. Please note that changes received less than 30 days before Commencement may not be reflected in the Commencement programs and other materials that must be produced in advance.

What should I bring to Commencement?
Graduates should bring their tickets in case Commencement is moved indoors because of inclement weather. Beyond that, the less brought to the ceremony, the better. Avoid bringing purses and bags, if possible, or have a family member hold these items. Cellphones and other mobile devices should be set on “silent.”

What should I NOT bring to Commencement?
Graduates and guests should refrain from bringing signs, umbrellas, and other items that may block the view of anyone watching the ceremony. Graduates and guests also should avoid purses and large bags, if possible, and never leave items unattended. The use of bullhorns, air horns, and other disruptive devices is also prohibited. However, cheering and clapping for a graduate is encouraged! This is an important day and we want everyone to have an enjoyable experience.

Will news releases about graduates be forwarded to hometown newspapers?
Yes, unless you have requested that the College not share news about you. Contact Director of Communications Matt Desjardins at if you have questions.

Will a photographer take my photo as I receive my diploma?
A photographer will take pictures of all graduates as they are handed their diplomas. The photographer will pass out an information card to each student during Commencement rehearsal. To receive ordering information, you will need to fill out the card with a current email address. (Please do not use your email address as this account will be deactivated after graduation).

For Current Students

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Faculty & Staff

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We Boldly Go.

As a 165 year-old start-up, we’re re-thinking what higher education is and should be. That means we’re building an academic powerhouse, a living laboratory for change.

At Antioch, rigorous academic study means that you’ll be challenged to articulate solutions. It won’t be enough to just identify the complex problems that you (and all of society) face. As a 165 year-old start-up, we’re re-thinking what higher education is and should be. That means we’re building an academic powerhouse. A living laboratory for change where students engage with the world through well-rounded and rigorous study that is both experiential and applicable outside of the classroom. It’s not enough to just tow the line. Ask anyone–your classmates, our faculty–you’ll be challenged here. How can you make a difference? What will you do when the going gets tough? What if the solution to one problem introduces three more problems? At Antioch, the simple answer is…you’ll figure it out, with the help of your classmates and our faculty. It’s the Antioch way.

Your First Year at Antioch

Your first year at Antioch, you'll spend two quarters digging deep into your studies on campus, making friends and planning for your first co-op adventure.

During your third quarter–take flight! Co-op locally, nationally or visit a part of the world where you've never been. Work full-time and discover what you're made of, and how your studies prepared you for the big wide world out there. Then come back to campus, reflect and repeat. Scholarship and life experience are strengthened when linked, so each year–study for three quarters, co-op for one. Build your resume, an amazing story of adventure, and your ability to work for positive change in the world. Check out some of the places Antioch students co-op.

We Boldly Go.

Your voice can be heard here. If you see something that needs to change, you can change it. Our students take a central role in determining how the college functions.

Plan events, start on-campus organizations and clubs, and serve on faculty hiring committees. It’s about learning to balance the needs of one with the needs of many. At Antioch, students are behind sustainability initiatives that have manifested some powerful change in our community. Our 1-megawatt solar field and geothermal plants heat and cool most of our campus, and by 2018, we intend to be powered by 90% renewable energy. Students don’t just talk about these things, they take an active role in the things that matter, from growing food we eat in the dining hall on our on-campus farm to working for best practices across our campus with our Sustainability Committee.