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VOLUME 2, ISSUE 8  |  November 19, 2012  

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Caption: Our newest members and president of Community Council wrap up their first meeting on Tuesday, November 13, in McGregor 113. (L-R) Nikki Saadat, Gabriel Iglesia, Sylvia Newman, Louise Smith, Nargees Jumahan, Elijah Blanton, Maggie Rusnak, and Sara Black.

Caption: Our newest members and president of Community Council held their first meeting on Tuesday, November 13, in McGregor 113. (L-R) Nikki Saadat, Gabriel Iglesia, Sylvia Newman, Louise Smith, Nargees Jumahan, Elijah Blanton, Maggie Rusnak, and Sara Black.

:: Community Council announces new staff seat

Community Council had planned to hold a Special Election to fill the staff-elected staff seat left vacant following the November 6 election after no staff members submitted their candidacy. However, Derrick Weston was the only candidate on the ballot with Maya Nye as his alternate. Now a Special Election is no longer necessary. Weston will now fill that vacant seat. For more information on the process, please e-mail

:: Community Council Update

The Antioch College Community Council (ComCil) had its first meeting in McGregor 113 on Tuesday, November 13. The council began the meeting with a discussion of the official council decision-making process. Using ideas already present in the Constitution for Community Government, they decided to employ a consensus model for all future decision making. The council also elected Gabriel Iglesia ’16 as secretary.

The first issue up for discussion was the process for creating and formalizing independent groups. The council ratified proposals from several groups, some of which have already been meeting. In addition, they discussed a possible budget as well as meeting space for independent groups.

The council went on to discuss the formation of various committees including the Budget Committee, the Events Committee, and the Union of Independent Groups.

The final major issue discussed was the recent election and the empty faculty and staff seats. The council decided to hold a special staff-only election on Tuesday, November 20. The council determined that the faculty seat could be appointed by the faculty senate. However, a special election will no longer be necessary after only one staff member, Derrick Weston, was the only person to apply for candidacy. Weston will now fill that vacant seat.

The council meeting concluded with a short discussion of the agenda for the next Community Meeting.

:: Community Meeting Agenda

Community Meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 20, from 1:00 to 2:05 p.m. with a small group discussion running until 2:30 p.m. or later.

Announcements—15-25 Minutes

Community member announcements

  • Thanksgiving break details from the Office of Community Life
  • Upcoming events
  • Community Council meeting report

Presentations—30 Minutes

  • Nargees Jumahan—recycling update
  • Dennie Eagleson—appeal for students to participate in a project with Basia Irland, resident artist
  • Michael Sanders and Doree McBride of Crossroads Hospice Care—appeal for volunteers
  • Mark Roosevelt—escaping in the event of a velociraptor attack

Governance—10 Minutes

  • Recognition of Council of Conveners and Governance Task Group members
  • Introduction of Community Council members
  • Break into small groups, each including a member of ComCil

Small Group Discussion—25-50 Minutes

  • What do you want your community government to focus on?
  • How can the small group format be improved?
  • How can Community Meeting be improved?
  • Suggestions will be brought to ComCil at the next meeting

:: Herndon Gallery Exhibit Asks for Student Participation

Susan Byrnes is the guest curator of Meme: Culture in Transmission, the next exhibition opening in the gallery on November 30. She is also a participating artist, and is inviting students to contribute to the making of her piece, Mending (Antioch) is Better Than Ending. She refers to the effort that alumni, faculty, staff, community members, and students have made to sustain and rebuild this institution that is so greatly valued. Her piece consists of Antioch materials that have been recycled and repurposed—a discarded doorframe from the North Hall renovation, and Xeroxes, VHS tapes, and audiotapes from classes taught at Antioch in previous years. From these materials, she has fashioned a bed for which she has woven two “blankets” embedded with memes (culturally transmitted ideas) relevant to Antioch and sustainability.

She would like current students to participate in weaving a third “blanket” over the course of the exhibition (December through early February). The third “blanket” contains the text, “I Project This History of the Future,” a line taken from Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. Susan would like you to bring a copy of your admissions essay to the gallery that explains why you wanted to be a student at Antioch. You can put it through the available document shredder, and weave your words, and hopes for the future together with those of your fellow students into the blanket. Ultimately, the blankets will be secured to the bedframe with hinges and hung vertically, to function as a human-scale book with the doors as pages, displaying a contemporary woven narrative of Antioch.

Susan thanks you in advance for your participation. For more information, please contact Dennie Eagleson, director of the Herndon Gallery at or call 937-768-6462.

:: Dance of the Happy Shades by Dennie Eagleson

Dennie Eagleson, a fine art and documentary photographer and the creative director of the Herndon Gallery, will have an exhibition at the Glen Helen Atrium Gallery from November 14 through January 6. The exhibition, titled Dance of the Happy Shades, in a series of images created from Polaroid instant film, much of it outdated. Natural materials were laid on the surface, and exposed as photograms. The resulting images create bursts of color, and layered marks from curving stems and veins of leaves. Also part of the exhibition are images made from outdated 4x5 film exposed in a pinhole camera and directed at natural forms. Because of the age of the film, the results are unpredictable, visually unrelated to the subject matter, but create a kind of constellation or “performance” in the frame.

:: All-in Antioch! A community afternoon of service

While we all have many feelings about the complicated holiday of Thanksgiving, the autumn-into-winter time can be a moment for us to reflect on the bountiful harvest that has been given to us. In a spirit of gratitude, we want to bring the community together on Friday, November 30, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., to take care of the spaces we inhabit together as well as acknowledge the work of our facilities team. We are asking the community, staff, faculty, and students, for an afternoon of service on November 30 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. We will meet at 2:00 p.m. for half an hour in McGregor 113 and then spread out and work together to put some love into our campus. Ideas and energy for this event are welcome. And of course there will be food and fun.

:: Thanksgiving Break dining schedule

Students will be provided with brunch and dinner throughout the weekend. We will not be having our regular dining service until Sunday evening. Brunches on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be provided by Community Life. Thursday night dinner will be the Thanksgiving Day potluck at the Presbyterian Church from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. On Friday evening at 5:00 p.m., there will be a Thanksgiving meal served in the dining hall. Saturday will be pizza night and on Sunday, as mentioned, dinner service will resume.

Antioch College Menu (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
November 19 through November 25, 2012

Breakfast: Fried Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes, Cranberry Scones
Lunch: White Bean Soup, Macaroni and Cheese, Vegan Mac and “Cheese,” Local Greens
Dinner: Grass-Fed Rump Roast of Beef, Chickpea Stew, Quinoa Pilaf

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Vegan Muffins, Tofu Scramble, Sweet Potatoes
Lunch: Corn Chowder, Deli Day, Composed Salads
Dinner: Build-a-Burrito, Rice, Guacamole, Salsa, Sour Cream

Breakfast: Fried Eggs, Sausage, Fruit
Lunch: Chef’s Choice Soup, Chef’s Choice
Dinner: Pizza, Salad Bar

Thursday–Sunday: Meals covered by the Office of Community Life.

Dinner: Herb Roasted Chicken, Pasta Marinara, Salad Bar

:: Upcoming events

Tuesday, November 20
Community Meeting
1:00–3:00 p.m. McGregor 113

November 21–25
No classes!

Friday, November 23
Film showing: Broken Rainbow
2:00 p.m. TBD

Saturday, November 24
Roller skating
1:00–4:00 p.m. (Van will leave at 12:30 p.m. from North Hall.) Orbit Fun Center, Huber Heights

Sunday, November 25
Roller skating
12:30–4:00 p.m. (Van will leave at 12:30 p.m. from North Hall) Orbit Fun Center. Bring your skates.
Tuesday, November 20
Craft Night
7:00–9:00 p.m. Birch Commons

Thursday, November 22
A night out at the movies
A van will leave from North Hall after dinner

Friday, November 23
A van will leave from North Hall after dinner

Saturday, November 24
An Evening in Columbus
For anyone who wants to explore Columbus! Annie Leibovitz photography exhibit at the Wexner Center is free to college students with valid ID. Contact Randle Charles for more information.

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