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Office of Communications

The Office of Communications offers strategic marketing planning, publicity, advertising placement, design, and layout for both print and web, and print production management services, at no cost to departments. This complimentary service is offered to create the best professional print and online publications possible to meet specific needs within the official College communication policies and brand standards.

Payment for out-of-house productions services, such as printing, mailing, postage, illustrations, and media and advertising placement are the fiscal responsibility of the requesting department.

Our goal is to reflect the innovative, progressive mission and vision of Antioch College outwardly—with the emphasis of creativity as a strategic communication tool to support our growing reputation. To request a change or update to the website, please fill out the Website Update Request Form. For all other requests (flyers, brochures, programs, etc.) fill out and submit this form. Please direct any questions you may have to Matt Desjardins (

Brand Standards

View Antioch College Brand Guidelines


Please note: The Antioch College Logo and Seal files provided on this page are in a general format intended for basic use. If you need a specific file type, or are unsure of what file type you may need for your project, please direct your questions to the Office of Communications and we will do our best to provide you with the files you need.

Download Antioch College Logo: Crimson Version (One-Line Horizontal, Two-Line Horizontal, Vertical), Black Version (One-Line Horizontal, Two-Line Horizontal, Vertical), White Version (One-Line Horizontal, Two-Line Horizontal, Vertical)


Seal of the College

Download Antioch College Seal: Crimson Version, Black Version, White Version