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The Farm

Volunteer Hours

To Be Continued in Spring

Join us on the Antioch Farm during our weekly volunteer hours. All ages & skill levels are welcome. Weather permitting. Call (937) 477-8654 for more info.


Learn seed-saving during a tomato walk at Antioch

Welcome to the Antioch Farm!

The Antioch Farm is a living, learning laboratory for students and a place that makes our campus more sustainable. Located on campus, students participate in all aspects of the Farm from planning to planting to eating. Also, as a part of their coursework, students may take soil samples in Environmental Science, make maple syrup in the Global Seminar on Food, or experience chicken behavior in Psychology.

The Farm, started in 2011, includes an annual growing area, pasture for animal grazing, a food forest, and a hoop house. The Antioch Farm models and practices a variety of sustainably focused growing methods such as organic, ecological, and permaculture.

All food grown on the Antioch Farm, including fresh produce, eggs, pastured lamb, and culinary and tea herbs, is served in the dining halls. While the average meal travels 1,500 miles to reach the table, food from the Antioch Farm travels 1,500 feet to our dining halls!