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Farm Articles

Check out our monthly farm articles in the Independent to find out what is happening on the farm. Students and staff who work on the Antioch Farm contribute these articles.

Farm Reports

  • 2015 Farm Reflections

    By Kat Christen

    January on the farm is a great time to reflect on the previous growing season and look ahead, through the snowflakes, to the next. Thanks to our great student staff and Antioch community, we have had many successes on the Antioch in 2015. Following are some fun ones to share.

    Curricular Ties

  • November on the Antioch Farm

    By: Ruthie Lane

  • Seed Saving and Stewardship

    By Elaine Bell ’16

    As mornings grow darker and afternoons heighten with a crisp scent in the air, the Antioch Farm approaches autumn by seeding winter crops, planting garlic, and harvesting the end of summer’s bounty. But before putting beds to rest for the cold months to come, we’re adding in an extra step of preparation this year—seed saving.