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ComCil Members

Community Meeting:
every Tuesday from 2:30-3:30 in McGregor 113

Community Council Meeting:
every Tuesday from 5:00-6:00pm in McGregor 218.

All meetings are open to the public

Community Government ByLaws

Community Council MembersCommunity Council (ComCil) is the governing body responsible for addressing and representing the interests of the students, staff, and faculty of Antioch College. Rather than the more commonly found “Student Council”, ComCil strives to be representative of the community as a whole and is comprised of four students, two faculty members, two staff members and the Council President. Additionally, the dean of community life or a representative from their office acts as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

ComCil Members

Sara Goldstein: Community Council President

Sara Goldstein is Community Council President and a student in the class of 2016  studying political economy and anthropology. She is interested in political activism, human behavior and how people are affected by political ideas and practices.  She recently CoOped at the Texas Senate and Rabinowitz Communications in Washington, DC. 

Todd Sanders

Todd  Sanders ‘17  hopes to address the question of social organization as a means toward improved well-being. With that goal in mind, he serves on ComCil to engage directly with Antioch’s decision-making process and to promote deeper involvement in it across Antioch's community.

Eric Rhodes

Eric Rhodes ‘16 is a strong believer in the right of the Antioch Community to determine its own fate. His tenure as alternate Council President was informed by his belief that the driving force behind any legitimate government should be the people it affects most.

Elijah Blanton

Elijah Blanton is a third year Political Economy major serving as alternate for the Eric Rhodes. He is excited to join Residence Life as an RA this year, and to see governance continue to grow and serve the community.

Hannah Craig

Hannah Priscilla Craig is a 1st year student exuberant about reflecting the passionate Antioch community within Comcil. She is interested in theater, art, graphic design, adventure travel, comedy, blogging, glitter, and DIY projects (which she makes with Antioch DIY/PhD--projects hand done--club).

Gabe Iglesia

A second-year student from the class of 2016, Gabriel Iglesia served as a standing member and Secretary of the 2012-2013 ComCil, and currently serves as an alternate for Hannah Craig in the 2013-2014 ComCil. Iglesia is fond of the uniqueness of community governance in contrast to student governance at other institutions, and is interested in improving logistical organization within ComCil as well as communication and transparency with the community at large. In addition to serving on ComCil, Iglesia is the co-founder and co-captain of the Antioch College Speech and Debate Team alongside Sara Goldstein, a student ambassador for the Office of Admissions, and a peer tutor for the Center for Academic Support Services.

Lillian Burke

Lillian Burke is a second year interested in studying the bodymind through psychology and living more peacefully with the earth and others.  She is serving on ComCil to better engage with and serve her community.

Perri Freeman

Perri Freeman is a third-year student studying history, education, and sustainable agriculture. She serves on ComCil to be a voice for the interests and needs of her peers and the broader Antioch community.

Zachary Sullivan

Zachary Sullivan is a second-year transfer student pursuing a career in education. Though this is his first year serving on ComCil, he has been engaged with the larger community through the coordination of Antioch Prepared and the Antioch Biomedical Society, acting as an Admissions Ambassador, and working as a Resident Assistant.

Alex Rolland

Alex’s academic interests at Antioch are environmental sciences and political economy which he wishes to apply to his broader personal interests of sustainable architecture, renewable energies and permaculture. He is interested in community council because he believes that people have an obligation to actively participate in the community in which they find themselves in the attempt to better it.

Michael Casselli

Michael Casselli, alumni(1987) and faculty in the Media Arts. I serve because shared governance is an essential part of the Antioch College community and serves as an expandable model through which to live our lives and address issues of co-existence.

Nick Dialy

Nick Daily is a Resident Life Manager and alternate for Maya Nye. He serves on ComCil because he believes that shared governance is an outstanding vehicle for implementing change supported by the voices of the community.

Sara Black

Assistant Professor of Visual Art, has been a faculty representative on ComCil since the fall of 2012. Sara has worked broadly as an educator, collaborative artist, arts and community organizer and group work facilitator.

Shane Creepingbear

Shane grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. He was brought to Antioch college in 2001 because of his interest in the co-op experience and the Japanese language program. After taking a couple years off, Shane graduated in 2008 with a self design major in linguistics and communications. Shane met his wife Jacqui at Antioch and have four children together. Shane started working at Antioch in the budding admission office in 2010 and has maintained a strong tie to the Antioch and Yellow Springs community throughout the last decade. Shane is currently working as the Multicultural Enrollment and Recruitment Coordinator at Antioch, he sits on the Board of Directors for the Yellow Springs Federal Credit Union, and is the co-chair of the Multicultural Admissions Committee for the Great Lakes College Association.