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Dear Parents

Finding the right college can be tough for families. Students are often more concerned with finding a beautiful campus or star professor than they are with the costs or outcomes they will walk away with at the end of their four years of study. At Antioch, we focus on preparing our students for lives of significance during and after college through rigorous academic curriculum paired with real world work. Our students graduate with the ability to apply what they have learned in the classroom and on co-op to be effective and well rounded as they take on meaningful work or graduate studies. They graduate with a healthy resume that includes four work placements in nontrivial roles totaling over a year’s worth of on-the-job experience. This helps position Antioch graduates ahead of the crowd when applying for jobs or to graduate school.

A small private college, Antioch students don’t slip through the cracks. Each student lives in staffed residence halls to facilitate a healthy transition to independence. Your son or daughter will also be assigned a faculty advisor from among our dedicated and accomplished professors. Classes are small, and we are very serious about supporting and empowering our students in their academic and social growth.

The village of Yellow Springs, nestled in southwestern Ohio, is a vibrant community with many attractions, shops, parks, and restaurants. It’s artistic and thoughtful, educated and authentic. Yellow Springs is a safe hamlet that’s within easy striking distance of urban centers and cultural opportunities in Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. Our College’s relationship with the Village of Yellow Springs is strong and convivial.

As concern mounts over student debt and marginal outcomes for graduates of many American colleges, Antioch is bucking the trend. Each student admitted in 2015 will receive the prestigious Horace Mann Fellowship, a half-tuition scholarship for four years of rigorous study. Further, Antioch offers extraordinary need-based financial aid that can cover up to 95 percent of the remaining direct costs of attendance. We recognize that the opportunity of an Antioch Education is valuable, but not every family is able to contribute at the same level. We do all we can to ensure that it is within reach of all admitted students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Selecting the right college is a big step. We welcome a conversation. Please don’t hesitate to call or email our capable admission counseling staff with your questions, comments, or concerns.

Best of luck in this sometimes challenging but always rich process.

Micah CanalVery warmly,

Micah A.E. Canal

Micah A.E. Canal
Dean of Admission