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Savitha Krishna

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Science

Contact Information

ASB 214B

937-319-6139 ext. 3232



Dr. Krishna has more than 16 years of teaching and research experience. Most recently, she was an assistant professor in the natural science department at Wilberforce University, where she taught general biology, vertebrate comparative anatomy, lab science, microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, and life science. She was an adjunct professor of biology at Antioch College during the winter 2012 term. She is a recipient of the 2010 Microbiology Educator Award from the Ohio Branch of the American Society for Microbiology. Her research has been published in IRCF Reptiles and Amphibians, Herpetological Review, Acta Zoologica Sinica, Herpetological Journal, and the Journal of Bombay Natural History Society. She holds a B.S. in biology, M.S. in biosciences, and Ph.D. in applied zoology from Mangalore University.


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Post doctoral research, 2004–2006, Emergent infectious disease of tropical anurans, Poornaprajna Institute of Research, Bangalore India.
Ph.D., 2004, Applied Zoology, Population ecology and threats for the survival and anuran amphibians in the tropical rain forests of western Ghats, Mangalore University, India.
M.S., 1994, Biosciences (Courses studied: Cell & Molecular biology; Genetics; Microbiology; Hydrobiology; Comp. Physiology) Mangalore University, India
B.S., 1992, Biology (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry), Mangalore University, India.
BIO 205 Genetics
BIO 230 General Microbiology