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Eugenia Charoni

311 South Hall
937-319-6139 ext. 2311


Instructor of Spanish

Dr.Eugenia Charoni

Dr. Charoni teaches all levels of Spanish language, culture and literature. With a diverse educational background, long teaching experience in various educational settings and extensive travel and work abroad Dr. Charoni is eager to share with her students her passion about other languages, cultures and literature while emphasizes the importance of language learning in a globalized world.

Her research interests include foreign language teaching methodology, French and Spanish women’s drama, contemporary short stories of French, Spanish and Latin American authors, literary criticism and semiotics of drama.

Ph.D. University of Cincinnati (Romance Languages: Spanish and French literature) Dissertation: “From Motherhood and Marriage to Symbolist Theater and Revolutionary Politics: French and Spanish Women’s Theatre, 1890’s to 1930’s.”
M.A. University of Cincinnati, (French and Francophone Literature)
M.Ed. Wright State University (Foreign Language Teaching Methodology) Thesis: “Audiovisual Aids and Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in Foreign Language Education”.
B.A. University of Athens, Greece (History and Archaeology)
Certifications: K-12 teaching license in French and Spanish for the State of Ohio.