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Beth Bridgeman

Instructor of Cooperative Education

Contact Information

304 South Hall

937-319-6139 ext. 2304



As an Instructor of Cooperative Education, Beth Bridgeman leads the Ohio Agrarian Trade Partnership and the Miller Fellow Program. Experiential education has informed Beth's entire career. For more than a decade, she was a Youth Development Educator with Ohio State University Extension. She developed a variety of experiential and service learning opportunities in that capacity, emphasizing local foods, sustainable agriculture and community development. In terms of professional practice, Beth co-developed and served as state co-leader for Real Money Real World; a youth money management curriculum utilizing experiential learning methodology.  She is also a leader in community and intergenerational gardening initiatives. Beth's thinking on sustainable agriculture and her commitment to community projects is informed by years of international experience. She served as a Peace Corps Agriculture Specialist in Mindanao, Philippines, where she taught small-scale rice production management and goat husbandry techniques followed by a two year teaching stint in Japan and subsequent work with a non-profit organization in Belgium. She has a master's degree in International Administration with a concentration in Intercultural Management from the School for International Training.

Professional Practice

Climate change, population growth and current agricultural practice are profoundly changing our capacity to feed ourselves and to protect our soil and water. It is imperative that we proactively and aggressively seek “new and better ways” to grow food and to protect the land, water and environment in which that food is grown. Antioch can be a change leader in these efforts. Beth seeks to inspire and empower our students to do this work. To this end, she is deepening current partnerships with institutions that are at the forefront of new agricultural practice, pollinator preservation, human nutrient recovery, and local food systems. Beth’s current work includes the development of a campus-wide pollinator initiative and pollinator symposium and working with students to plan a seed school workshop and community seed library. She serves on the Antioch Farm, Food and Sustainability Committees. 

Master of International Administration, SIT Graduate Institute
Concentration: Intercultural Management
BA, Elementary Education, University of Northern Colorado
Concentration: Social Studies
WORK 50 Agrarian Systems
WORK 145 Co-Op Preparation I
WORK 150 Work Portfolio
WORK 250 Work Portfolio
WORK 350 Work Portfolio III Section 1
WORK 425 Work Portfolio