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Cooperative Education Program

Experiential Education That Puts You in the World

The classroom is just the beginning. Antioch College students spend four quarters working in local, national, or international settings. For more than 90 years, Antiochians have benefited from this unique blend of the liberal arts and the world of work, theory, and practice.

Each student’s cooperative education plan is unique. Each student’s educational plan—both in the classroom and at work—reflects individual interests. Students continually expand their skills through courses and work, often taking jobs and other approved experiences to broaden their background, boost skills in areas of lesser competence, clarify career objectives, or rethink goals.

The central component of the cooperative education program is paid employment in which a student learns from work with meaningful responsibilities set by the employers, from colleagues, and from living independently in new settings.

Work is also integrated into the life of the campus. Some students will work part-time either on or off campus during study terms. They work alongside their classmates and College staff in areas of community life, the College Farm, Glen Helen, and advancement.

The premise is simple: learn by doing. What’s the added benefit to students? By the time they graduate, students will have résumés showing a wide number of practical experiences that will make them viable candidates for graduate school or further employment.

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