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Biomedical Science

The biomedical science major will prepare students for either medical school or graduate school, through a rigorous, interdisciplinary scientific regimen of continuously increasing complexity. Students will become well-versed in the fundamental areas of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics, and will gain a deeper understanding of the genetic, molecular, and biochemical bases of life. The program is designed to appeal to students who value serving society and who want to make a difference. The major is supported by the Cooperative Education Program and local community agencies, which provide students opportunities to gain valuable and necessary premedical work experience. Many medical and related graduate programs have their own specific requirements, including, but not limited to, one year of English composition, psychology, sociology, further statistics and mathematics, and foreign languages. Students are strongly advised to speak with their faculty advisors during their first year to plan their educational trajectory appropriately.

Beyond the General Education, Language and Culture, Cooperative Education, and Electives requirements, biomedical science majors must complete the following:

Total number of credits toward the major: 60

Requirements for the Major

Core Requirements in the Major
BIO 105A General Biology I*
BIO 160 General Biology II
BIO 205 Genetics
BIO 215 Cell and Molecular Biology
BIO 330 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 335 Anatomy and Physiology II
CHEM 105A General Chemistry I*
CHEM 160 General Chemistry II
CHEM 205 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 330 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 340 Biochemistry
MATH 115A,B Calculus I
PHYS 160A Physics I
PHYS 260 Physics II
SCI 494 Senior Seminar in the Sciences
SCI 495 Senior Project in the Sciences

* Foundation Courses: Credits earned in foundation courses count toward the general education requirement.
A May potentially be met by AP, etc. credit
B A minimum mathematical level of Calculus I is required. Students must take as many math courses as necessary to reach this level.

Additional Requirements

Introductory and Intermediate Courses: Choose 1
4 credits toward the major
BIO 210 Botany
BIO 230 General Microbiology
CHEM 220 Environmental Chemistry
ENVS 220 Aquatic Biology
Mathematics Course: Choose 1
4 credits
MATH 160 Calculus 2
MATH 330 Statistics