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The literature major at Antioch College is intended to encourage students to read widely, to think broadly, and to communicate clearly and effectively about literature.

Students who major in literature will be required to take six courses. The first of these is LIT 210, which has been designed as a reading survey of the English literary tradition that is oriented towards majors in this and related fields within the humanities. All literature majors will become conversant with a variety of basic methodologies and strategies for the appreciation and critical analysis of literary texts by encountering them in regular coursework as well as in the LIT 299 course, which will provide students with an overview of current literary theory. Students will also be required to complete a senior project under the guidance of the literature faculty, who will help students to craft and produce a substantial research or creative project within the discipline. In addition, students will be encouraged to work cross-disciplinarily within the humanities through the 210 series, which will provide students with a foundational introduction to the related disciplines of history and philosophy. Students across these disciplines will reconvene in the senior seminar, which is designed to put these students in conversation as they formulate their independent senior projects and practice the art of intellectual collaboration. The major is extremely flexible and is designed to respond to individual students’ interests and needs; in collaboration with their advisors, students who major in literature will assemble the remaining seven courses from electives within the discipline.

Beyond the General Education, Language and Culture, Cooperative Education, and Electives requirements, literature majors must complete the following:

Total number of credits toward the major: 52

Core Requirements in the Major
24 credits toward the major
LIT 210 Introduction to the Literary Tradition in English (4 credits)
HIST 210 African American History, from the Colonial Period to the Present (4 credits)
PHIL 210 Philosophy and Literature (4 credits)
LIT 290 Introduction to Advanced Study in Literature (4 credits)
HUM 494 Senior Seminar in the Humanities (4 credits)
HUM 495 Senior Project in the Humanities (4 credits)

Additional Requirements in the Major

Intermediate Courses in Literature: Choose 3
12 credits toward the major
LIT 220 Introduction to World Literature (4 credits)
LIT 240 Introduction to Drama (4 credits)
LIT 241 Introduction to Poetry (4 credits)
LIT 242 Introduction to Fiction (4 credits)
ENG 250/
LIT 250
Creative Writing I (4 credits)
ENG 251/
LIT 251
Expository Writing I (4 credits)
LIT 299 Introductory Independent Study in Literature (4 credits)
Advanced Courses in Literature: Choose 4
16 credits toward the major
LIT 301 Advanced Independent Study in Literature (4 credits)
LIT 310 Studies in Major Authors (4 credits)
LIT 320 Gender in Literature (4 credits)
LIT 321 Ethnicity in Literature (4 credits)
LIT 330 Literary Movements and Moments I (before 1850) (4 credits)
LIT 331 Literary Movements and Moments II (after 1850) (4 credits)
ENG 350/
LIT 350
Advanced Creative Writing (4 credits)
ENG 351/
LIT 351
Advanced Expository Writing (4 credits)
LIT 370 Special Topics: Advanced Theoretical Approaches to Literature (4 credits)
LIT 399 Advanced Independent Study in Literature (4 credits)