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Visual Arts

The visual arts major at Antioch College emphasizes the unity between the practical and the theoretical, and the indivisibility of form and concept. At Antioch College, the study of art involves the development of strong traditional and experimental technical skill, as well as a sophisticated visual language, an understanding of art history and theory, and an awareness of the issues and concepts present in art and visual culture today.

The media of drawing, painting, and sculpture act as our foundation. Students will be introduced to questions and concerns that inform artistic practices across these media and will consider the contemporary expansion of these media. Students will be challenged to develop and articulate their own problems and positions, and be asked to consider disciplinary boundaries, both malleable and fixed. Students will be introduced to a great deal of historical and contemporary artwork, and to be asked read a variety of texts, from artists’ writings to critical theory.

The major in visual arts can prepare students for graduate work in visual arts or related careers; but at its core it is a humanist endeavor and can help to prepare involved students, majors and non-majors alike, for a wide variety of endeavors beyond the studio or the confines of an art world.

Beyond the General Education, Language and Culture, Cooperative Education, and Electives requirements, visual arts majors must complete the following:

Core Requirements in the Major
24 credits toward the major
VISA 101 Visual Language: A Focus on Two Dimensions (4 credits)*
VISA 102 Visual Language: A Focus on Three Dimensions (4 credits)*
VISA 140 Beginning Drawing and Painting (4 credits)
VISA 150 Beginning Sculpture: Concepts, Materials, and Processes (4 credits)
VISA 120 Art History: Modern Art (4 credits)
VISA 220 Art History: Contemporary Art (4 credits)
ARTS 494 Senior Seminar in the Arts (4 credits)
ARTS 495 Senior Project in the Arts (4 credits)

* Credits earned in foundation courses count toward the general education requirement.

Studio Arts Courses (Choose 2D or 3D Track)
12 credits toward the major
2D Studio Courses or 3D Studio Courses
VISA 240 Intermediate Drawing and Painting (4 credits) VISA 250 Intermediate Sculpture (4 credits)
VISA 340 Advanced Drawing and Painting I (4 credits) VISA 350 Advanced Sculpture I (4 credits)
VISA 440 Advanced Drawing and Painting II (4 credits) VISA 450 Advanced Sculpture II (4 credits)

Additional Requirements in the Major

Foundation Course: Choose 1*
PERF 103 Voice and Speech (4 credits)
PERF 104 Presence of the Performer (4 credits)
MEDA 101 Media, Internet, and Society (4 credits)
MEDA 102 Basic Media Production (4 credits)

* Foundation Courses: Credits earned in foundation courses count toward the general education requirement.

100- and 200-level MEDA, PERF, or VISA Courses
8 credits toward the major
VISA 110 Art on Location (4 credits)
VISA 270 Special Topics in the Visual Arts with Resident Artist (4 credits)
MEDA 110 Media Arts on Location (4 credits)
MEDA 120 The History of Photography (4 credits)
MEDA 130 Practical New Media (4 credits)
MEDA 140 Adventures in Photography: The Portrait (4 credits)
MEDA 141 Adventures in Photography: The Photographic Series (4 credits)
MEDA 142 Adventures in Photography: Capturing Science (4 credits)
MEDA 160 Sound Art (4 credits)
MEDA 220 The History of Documentary Cinema (4 credits)
MEDA 230 Cyborg Art (4 credits)
MEDA 250 Adventures in Video: Experimental Ethnography (4 credits)
MEDA 251 Adventures in Video: History, Memory, and the Cinematic Archive (4 credits)
MEDA 270 Special Topics in Media Arts with Resident Artist (4 credits)
PERF 105** Vocal Music Instruction (4 credits)
PERF 106** Modern Dance (4 credits)
PERF 107** Individual Instruction in Music (4 credits)
PERF 108** Contact Improvisation (4 credits)
PERF 110 Performance on Location (4 credits)
PERF 120 Styles of Live Art (4 credits)
PERF 140 Storytelling (4 credits)
PERF 150 Improvisation in Art and Life (4 credits)
PERF 220 Performance History/Critical Studies (4 credits)
PERF 230 Writing and Performing the Self (4 credits)
PERF 240 Site-Specific Performance (4 credits)
PERF 250 Rehearsal and Production (4 credits)
PERF 270 Special Topics in Performance with Resident Artist (4 credits)

** Please note that these courses count for only 1–2 credits. The BA degree requires a total of 52 major-related credits.

300- and 400-level Courses MEDA, PERF, or VISA
8 credits toward the major
VISA 330 Installation Art (4 credits)
VISA 470 Advanced Special Topics in Visual Arts (4 credits)
PERF 320 Performance Studies (4 credits)
PERF 330 Directing Seminar (4 credits)
PERF 340 Rehearsal and Production Tutorial I (4 credits)
PERF 350 Documentary-based Performance (4 credits)
PERF 360 Advanced Topics in Performance (4 credits)
PERF 440 Rehearsal and Production Tutorial II (4 credits)
PERF 470 Advanced Special Topics in Performance (4 credits)
PERF 480 Independent Study: Performance (4 credits)