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Student Kitchen Assistant

Summary of Position: Assistant to the House Chefs and Kitchen Assistants in the preparation of meals.  


  • Assists the House Chef and Kitchen Assistant in the preparation of meals. Supports the completion and execution of meals Is responsible for maintaining the organization and cleanliness of the front of the house
  • Responsible for the restocking and maintenance of beverage areas, dry goods/cereal area and table condiments
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and organization of the kitchen at large and kitchen equipment including storage units, floors and food preparation stations
  •  Is responsible for stocking and maintaining the selections on the salad bar as well as the setup and maintenance of the food service line during meal periods
  • Basically does anything that the cooks need them to do be it chop vegetables or scrub pots

Physical requirements needed to perform the duties of this position:  Heavy lifting, knife work, light cooking (lifting hot pots and pans), must be able to maneuver small spaces while carrying heavy objects

Environmental Considerations:

  • Occasional exposure to low level cleaning chemicals
  • Exposure to very hot and very cold liquids and gas
  • Exposure to potential food allergens including but not limited to tree nuts, nuts, wheat, seafood, soy, eggs and dairy
Fall 2015
Job skills required: 
Should have been a dish washer with Antioch Kitchens for at least one term
Will need to pass a servsafe level one exam or equivelant
Number of positions available: 
Antioch Kitchens
Immediate Supervisor Name: 
Isaac Delamatre
Start Date: 
Tuesday, October 6, 2015