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Arts Division Technical Assistant

Summary of Position: Student assists with all technical needs for the Arts department including Visual Arts, Media Arts, and Performance Arts.  
Responsibilities:  Video and sound recording and documentation, electrical repair of theatrical fixtures, installation of sound for events, installation of video for events, lab assistance for Media, repair and installation of  AV support systems, software tutorials and implementation, equipment inventory and upkeep, sound and video editing, lab and space oversight for all three concentrations within the Arts division.

Physical requirements needed to perform the duties of this position: Ability to lift 50 lbs 
Environmental Considerations:  Must be comfortable on ladder up to 12 feet in the air, must be willing to get dirty in the execution of some aspects of the job.


Summer 2015
Job skills required: 
Willingness to learn new software
Knowledge of media support equipment
Operation of media support equipment
Familiarity with theatrical instrumentation
Ability to collaborate within specific job requirements
Successful completion of courses Media 101 and 102
Experience and comfort with power tool use and safety requirements
Number of positions available: 
Immediate Supervisor Name: 
Michael Casselli
Start Date: 
Tuesday, July 7, 2015